Wynn Chaney is an international Soul Medium, Spiritual Healer, and Metaphysician. Inspired by her Native American Heritage, Wynn connects with Spirit and utilizes the "Clairs" to gain perspective to assist seekers on their journey. If you are seeking Spiritual Development, Intuitive Business Consultant, or personal insight, Wynn is the person for you. By sharing her insights, Wynn works with those ready for help or change compassionately and directly. If you are prepared to hear spirit speak, make an appointment with Wynn through the contacts page.


“Wynn is fabulous-her instincts are spot on. She’s extremely accurate.” Susan-Denver

“Very good communication skills. Provided a pathway to the connection. Read some key psychic elements.” Mary-Denver

“Very genuine & open to communication” Nancy-Denver

“Blown away by Wynn’s insights! She tapped into things that I’ve been pondering/concerned with that no one could know! I would highly recommend her!” Kayla-Denver

“I felt a connection with Wynn. She is very easy to talk to…very kind.” Ileen-Denver